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Club Monaco was founded in 1985 in Toronto with the idea of creating a line of “better basics.” Through the ‘90s, the brand continued to grow, moved to New York City, and caught the attention of iconic American designer Ralph Lauren as a unique voice in the industry—so much so that he acquired Club Monaco in 1999.

Today, Club is an evolution of its heritage: a modern, urban-minded brand with an element of ease and a spark of entrepreneurship from its Canadian roots.

WOMEN WHO DO: Heiward Mak, Hedwig Tam & B.Wing

WOMEN WHO DO: Heiward Mak, Hedwig Tam & B.Wing

As the idea of the “working woman” evolves, grows multifaceted, and become less ordinary, Club Monaco continues to celebrate this sentiment with the #CMWomenWhoDo campaign, which launched in the US this August and debut this month in Hong Kong. The brand is excited to announce that they have partnered with renowned film director, Heiward Mak, up-and-coming actress, Hedwig Tam, and illustrator, B. Wing, to present a #CMWomenWhoDo social video. Each of these three women have embraced the opportunity to start again and create a world of their own making – whether that’s in an office or elsewhere.

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“Being a woman, if you worry too much about others’ opinions, life would be unbearable. The female identity is never a factor in determining our status – the sense of feeling privileged or petty is introspective. Only by freeing yourself from the “norms” can you embrace your true self and know how to love.”

- Heiward Mak


“Society tends to place stringent standards and values upon women in the showbiz, and criticisms are regarded as a norm. But not all norms are foolproof because people have their own grievances. While social norms often hinder women’s empowerment, we can rebel against them by being ourselves.”

- Hedwig Tam


“Women are more than their age, body and appearance, but the society has seldom encouraged women to discover their inner qualities. It is my hope that my character “A” can serve as a source of positivity for everyone.”

- B.Wing

About the Women’s Fall 2017 Collection:

Elevated design and effortless simplicity are hallmarks of the Club Monaco Women’s Fall 2017 Collection, now under the helm of Steven Cateron, head of design. Inspired by the Club Monaco archives, familiar classics are updated with of-the-moment details. “The Collection is purposeful and versatile by design, with pieces not only meant to build upon each other, but to transcend seasons, living seamlessly within one’s wardrobe,” said Cateron. With a focus on streamlined silhouettes and delayered styling, the Collection offers a renewed sense of ease.

The palette is iconic of the fall season, highlighting rich camels, gray heathers, classic reds, and the occasional nude cut off of black and white. Classic prints and patterns also appear, with updated leopard print, scales of floral, and classic menswear plaids speaking to a quiet ‘80s influence. Styling is delayered and colorblocking reimagined through monochromatic outfitting.

Club Monaco is a brand for individuals and their unique lives, so when I think about the Club Monaco woman, I don’t envision one woman, but many, says newly appointed head of design, Steven Cateron. “She is multifaceted. She knows who she is and isn’t looking for confirmation of her identity.”

The Fall Collection echoes this sentiment with a considered approach to versatility that feels at once essential and unexpected.

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CLUB MONACO 2017年秋季女裝系列撰寫美麗新一頁

與麥曦茵擕手合作推出 #CMWomenWhoDo短片

隨著“事業女性”的思想演變,成長為多方面和變得不普通, Club Monaco為繼續慶祝於早前8月時在美國與八位鼓舞人心、擁抱自己獨特道路的女性合作推出的#CMWomenWhoDo企劃,品牌在這個10月於香港與著名女導演麥曦茵、憑電影<<五步點>>嶄露頭角的新晉女演員談善言和人氣插畫家B.Wing合作,拍攝了以 #CMWomenWhoDo為主題的社交短片。這三位來自不同界別的現代女性,不論在辦公室還是任何處境,她們總會把握機會重新出發,創造自己的世界,與Club Monaco今秋女裝系列的設計靈感及造型同出一轍。

— 麥曦茵
「社會對演藝行業的女性定義特別嚴苛,把很多標準和價值都放在女性身上。在這個行業裏,大家彷彿都會把批評認定為正常的事,但我認為『正常』並不等同『正確』,每個人作出的決定都是有他的原因。社會的規限讓女性活得辛苦,但慶幸的是我們可以反抗 – 就是做回自己。」
— 談善言
「A仔的存在不只是幫助我,它亦可以幫助這城市裏生病的人,帶給他們一些正能量。這個城市沒有一個很大的風氣令女性意識到自己真正的價值, 但我認為作為一位女性,不是只得年齡、身材和樣貌,而是有更多的東西可以從女性身上發掘出來。」
— B.Wing


Club Monaco 2017年秋季女裝系列於設計部主管Steven Cateron的帶領下,以高雅設計及簡約從容的風格為標記。為人熟悉的經典元素取材自Club Monaco典藏設計,換上緊貼潮流的細節。Cateron表示:「系列的設計目標明確,造型多變,服飾不但相輔相成,更不受季節所限,在衣櫥中和諧共存。」系列主打簡約的剪裁和造型,締造令人耳目一新的休閒感覺。


新上任的設計部主管Steven Cateron表示:「Club Monaco是為不同個體及其獨特生活而設的品牌,所以我構思Club Monaco女士的形象時,想像的並非一位女性,而是多位女性。她八面玲瓏,了解自己的身份,不拘泥於他人的目光。」秋季系列呼應這個觀點,百變設計經精心構思,營造實用而驚喜的感覺。


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