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Club Monaco was founded in 1985 in Toronto with the idea of creating a line of “better basics.” Through the ‘90s, the brand continued to grow, moved to New York City, and caught the attention of iconic American designer Ralph Lauren as a unique voice in the industry—so much so that he acquired Club Monaco in 1999.

Today, Club is an evolution of its heritage: a modern, urban-minded brand with an element of ease and a spark of entrepreneurship from its Canadian roots.

EXCLUSIVE POST: Her Favorite Restaurants In Hong Kong

EXCLUSIVE POST: Her Favorite Restaurants In Hong Kong

A few years ago, I went to Tokyo with a couple of friends and asked a chef friend of mine (AKA the chicken yakitori guru) for his favorite yakitori recommendations. Luckily, we were able to book one of the “yakitori” restaurants from his list. That evening, we took our seats in front of the Japanese master and his fellow chefs and began our multi-course tasting menu. As plates started arriving, we slowly realized that most of the dishes were actually just raw chicken! It started with thin slices of raw chicken breast, raw minced chicken sushi rolls and raw chicken liver, and built up to huge chunks of chicken on sticks that was grilled over binchotan and served rare, lukewarm and charred. I saw the horror on my friend’s face as course after course, more raw chicken was served. Some were delicious, some were quite intense, but the meal was definitely memorable and so hilarious. Having a “favorite restaurant” is definitely a relative thing, but sometimes when you keep an open heart, you gain something you remember for the rest of your life.

Here is the list of my favorite restaurants:

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Yat Lok is my favorite go-to place when friends come to town. Warning: they can potentially have by far the worst service in town. The seating arrangement is poor and the blinking LED lighting is borderline offensive!  While the floors are slippery and it is far from luxurious, most people don’t care because the goose is phenomenal. In order to have a good experience, knowing how to order and when to go is key. Don’t go during lunch hours, go between 3-4 pm. They are still making fresh roasted goose that is crispy and juicy but no one is pushing you or yelling at you to order fast and leave. Always order at least ¼ bottom of goose, 1 soy sauce rose wine chicken leg, crispy pork, rice or vermicelli soup for two people if you want any respect in the restaurant. Don’t get the vermicelli soup or rice combos. Crispy roasted goose sitting on top of soupy vermicelli or rice will turn soft and they offer subpar cuts for combos. Order everything separately and ball out. It’s not cheap, but they serve some of the best roasted goose ever.

Address:  G/F, 34-38 Stanley Street, Central

Photos from The Chairman Facebook

The Chairman is where I take people for a refined Cantonese experience. I once took the whole Noma kitchen crew and I have such pride when I bring people there. They use the best ingredients, techniques and creative twists on classical Cantonese dishes. My favorite is the razor clam with salted lemon, prawn with congee broth and the famous steamed flower crab with rice rolls, aged Shaoxing wine and chicken fat.


Address: G/F, 18 Kau U Fong, Central

Photos from Kin’s Kitchen Facebook

Kin’s kitchen is another great representation of modern Cantonese food. I fondly call Lau Kin Wai, founder of the establishment, the Bill Murray of Hong Kong. Lau is one of the most influential food writers in Hong Kong and he has travelled to all parts of China for food. He is one of my go-tos for all things about Chinese cuisine. He also travels to Michelin-starred restaurants for inspiration. His Cantonese food is refined yet casual and fun with his own creative ideas and new techniques. Favorite dishes include deep fried pigeon with Chinese leeks, steamed mince pork with squid ink, Guo Za, fried chicken custard, honey glazed Chinese ham and lotus seeds with baos.


Address: 5/F, W Square, 314-324 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai

Photos from Belon

Chef Daniel Calvert of Belon is just so talented and technically skilled. Belon is fine dining hidden in a modern casual bistro space. The dishes are an homage to the grandeur of old French cuisine but with a personalized vision of contemporary cooking, with minimal and subtle perfection. If I could, I would be drinking funky natural wine and eating Dan’s food every Sunday.


Address: 41 Elgin Street, Central


獨家博文: May Chow 於香港最喜愛的餐廳






若果想享受精緻的中式美食,大班樓絕對是不二之選。我們之前有幸帶Noma 的廚師到大班樓用膳。每次帶朋友到訪都令我感到非常自豪,因為他們以上乘食材及巧妙烹調技術,炮製別出心裁的傳統廣東菜式。我最愛的菜式包括香草咸檸檬蒸蟶子、鮮蝦粥及著名的雞油花雕蒸花蟹配陳村粉。



留家廚房是新式粵菜的代名詞,創辦人是香港具影響力的食評家之一:劉健威,我則最愛喚他作港版Bill Murray。他除了走遍中國尋覓美饌,亦到訪不同的米芝蓮餐廳吸取靈感。任何與中菜有關的難題我都會找上他。他創作的粵菜,既精緻又可愛,融合了不少創意及新派技巧。我最愛的菜式包括京蔥炸乳鴿、墨魚汁蒸肉餅、煎餃子、太史戈渣(炸雞蛋漿)、蜜汁金華火腿及蓮蓉包。


地址: 灣仔軒尼詩道314-324 W Square 5樓全層

Belon的廚師Daniel Calvert才華洋溢,同時訓練有素。Belon的環境恍如一間時尚休閒小酒館,但主打高級餐飲。廚師以現代化的煮食方式,泡製最接近傳統的法式菜餚,簡約而完美。如果可以的話,我希望能夠每個周日都以Dan的食物,配搭特別的葡萄酒,為忙碌一星期劃上完滿的句號。


地址: 中環蘇豪伊利近街41號地舖







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