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Club Monaco was founded in 1985 in Toronto with the idea of creating a line of “better basics.” Through the ‘90s, the brand continued to grow, moved to New York City, and caught the attention of iconic American designer Ralph Lauren as a unique voice in the industry—so much so that he acquired Club Monaco in 1999.

Today, Club is an evolution of its heritage: a modern, urban-minded brand with an element of ease and a spark of entrepreneurship from its Canadian roots.



Photographer Lindsay Brown explores both sides of the lens, capturing our new collection - and a different side of herself - in one of her favorite New York neighborhoods.

Photography & Words LINDSAY BROWN

Being the subject of my own work was a really introspective experience. I rarely think to photograph myself, yet it’s the most attainable thing. In this particular case, because they aren’t just for me, the images were very considered. Every shot was a moment of self-reflection.

“I love Brooklyn Heights for its sleepiness, its beautiful walk-ups, and it’s alleyways.
I love that stores don’t open until noon, that every restaurant feels unique to the neighborhood,
and that people on the street just seem genuinely happy to be there.”

These were taken in front of the U.S. District Court - probably not the first place I would think to wear this outfit. But I appreciated how the windows captured Cadman Plaza Park in the background. It showed another side of the neighborhood.

The shots of the dress were taken in the neighborhood flower shop, James Weir Floral Co. and an inspirational antique shop called Holler & Squall. I struck up a conversation with the owner of the antique shop and she was so gracious to let me shoot in her space. I think the shots in her store are my favorite.

“A bar called Elsa was my favorite discovery.
It’s sort of a dark interior space but as you keep walking through,
it opens up into a beautiful backyard garden.”

I am most inspired by my travels, whether it’s to a new neighborhood or across the ocean. There’s something about getting outside of my normal routine that pushes me to make new work. I love to photograph people and their spaces, landscapes, life’s little moments, and now maybe I’ll add self-portraits to the list.

新到貨品: 親身體驗

攝影師 Lindsay Brown 於她最喜歡的紐約城區裡探索相機鏡頭的前後畫面 - 拍攝了我們的新系列和她的另一面。




這些相片都是在美國地方法院前拍攝的 – 大概並不是我想拍攝身穿這套衣服的第一個地方。但我很欣賞窗戶捕捉了背景的卡德曼廣場公園。它展示了城區的另一面。

這條裙子的相片都是於鄰近的花店 James Weir Floral Co. 和一間名叫 Holler&Squall 的靈感古董店裡拍攝的。我和古董店的老闆交談起來,她很親切地讓我在她的店舖拍攝。在她店裡所拍攝的相片是我特別喜歡的。

“一間名叫 Elsa 的酒吧是我特別喜愛的發現。它室內是比較黑暗的,但當你繼續向前走,


YOU'RE INVITED: The Exclusive Launch Of The Club Monaco X Kapok Pop Up

YOU'RE INVITED: The Exclusive Launch Of The Club Monaco X Kapok Pop Up