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Club Monaco is an international brand that designs and creates modern yet timeless clothing and accessories for women and men. Since its first store opened in Toronto in 1985, Club Monaco has been recognized by fashion influencers for its thoughtfully designed, purposeful collections featuring relevant, wearable pieces, fine fabrics and exceptional fits. Headquartered in New York City’s Chelsea gallery district, Club Monaco can be found worldwide with stores in the United States, London, Canada, Seoul, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong and Macau.

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IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Up Close With Justine Lee

IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Up Close With Justine Lee

This Week, Club Monaco met with Justine Lee. As the Fashion Director of Hong Kong Tatler, she regularly styles cover stories and fashion editorials and its other Asia-Pacific editions. Justine tells Club Monaco about her fashion journey and stories.

Club Monaco (CM) & Justine Lee (JL)


CM: Tell us about yourself, how did you get into the world of fashion.
JL:  I’ve always had an interest in fashion, even at a young age. I loved picking out what to wear, loved observing the retail landscape (shopping haha), and picking out trends and discovering new designers. I went to college in New York, and spent most of my free time interning and working for magazines and fashion houses. Some of my most memorable jobs included working in the buying department at Barneys New York and in the features department at Harper’s Bazaar. I moved back to Hong Kong after I graduated and spent three years working at Lane Crawford in creative services, marketing and events. I freelanced for a bit afterwards, working with stylists and a bit of writing and eventually I joined Tatler a year later as their fashion editor. I joined Tatler with not a lot of editorial experience, but it was a very great environment to learn- people were nice and the Hong Kong fashion industry is quite small- I was fortunate enough to meet a lot of people during my time at Lane Crawford, and was able to transition seamlessly from the retail side to journalism. Since I’ve joined Tatler, I’ve done numerous fashion editorials and styled cover shoots for the magazine.


CM: Talk about a project you were most proud of.
JL: I love styling shoots, finding a team you work well with and coming up with concepts and shooting. Couture shoots are my favorite because you’re really working with one-of-a-kind pieces. To imagine, you’re shooting the exact piece that came down the runway, that probably took hours and hours to make, it’s quite incredible.


CM: What has been the most memorable moment of your career, so far?
JL: Probably my first trip to Paris Fashion Week a few years ago. I used to watch shows online and looked at runway photos all the time, even when I was in school, so to have the chance to watch the shows, and each look come down the runway, see how the models and the clothes moved- it was such a memorable experience.


CM: What advice would you give to an up and coming fashion stylist? 
JL: Everyone starts from the bottom- work hard, observe and learn. Nothing comes easy! And also, don’t be afraid to try something new.


CM: Describe your style in three words.
JL: Not that complicated - I like to keep it simple and I need to feel comfortable in my own clothes. I’ve been buying a lot more menswear lately; I’ve always liked to ‘borrow from the boys’.

CM: What is your fetish accessory?
JL: I love shoes. Any sort of shoes. I’m there.


CM: What are the essential wardrobe items every woman should own?
JL: A black leather biker- I love wearing mine with just jeans and a t-shirt, or you can throw it over a blouse or a floral dress to give it an edge.


CM: What trends of S/S’ 2017 are you loving right now?
JL: It’s been a trend that’s been around for the past few SS seasons, but I just love that laid-back bohemian feel for Spring/Summer. Embroidered blouses, delicate floral prints, big, billowy sleeves, something loose and off the body- looks and feels good in the hot months.


CM: Tell us about your recent travels.  Which is your favorite fashion city?
JL: I went to Tokyo late last year, I think it’s one of my favorite fashion cities- I love Japanese designers and digging for vintage in Harajuku (usually with a crepe in hand haha). Paris is probably be my favorite fashion city of all time- I always try to visit the Alaia boutique in Marais while I’m there. But there’s also this relaxed and easy-going energy about Los Angeles that I’ve been really drawn to lately. West Coast casual.


CM: You travel quite often for work, which is your first food craving/ restaurant you go to whenever you are back in Hong Kong?
JL: I love Japanese and Shanghainese food, but most cities I go to for work or for fun, I feel like I can get good Japanese food, so I don’t really crave it. Usually I just crave a bowl of home cooked soup when I’m back in Hong Kong.


CM: Which is your favorite book of all time and why?
JL: I really like books by Bret Easton Ellis, they’re dark but I love the way they’re written. Fun fact- I rented his studio when I was in New York during college. When the realtor showed me his place and told me who’s place it was, I immediately made an offer haha.


獨家專訪:與 Justine Lee 對話


這個星期,Club Monaco 與 Justine Lee 會面。作為《Hong Kong Tatler》的時尚總監,她經常為雜誌封面故事設計造型和撰寫時尚文章,這些內容經常會刊登在雜誌的其他亞太地區版本。Justine 與 Club Monaco 分享了她的時尚旅程及故事。 

Club Monaco (CM) & Justine Lee (JL)


JL: 我自小已經對時裝很感興趣。我喜歡挑選要穿的衣服,喜歡觀察零售領域 (也就是購物,哈哈),也喜歡關注時裝趨勢和發掘新設計師。我在紐約唸大學時,得閒大多在實習和為雜誌及時裝品牌工作。其中最難忘的工作包括在紐約 Barneys 百貨的採購部和《Harper’s Bazaar》的專題部工作。我畢業後搬回香港,在連卡佛工作三年,從事創意服務、市場營銷及活動籌備的工作。之後我當了一陣子自由業者,跟不同造型師合作,亦有涉獵寫作。一年後,我加入《Tatler》,成為時裝編輯。我的編輯經驗不多,但《Tatler》提供很出色的學習環境-同事十分友善,而且香港的時裝行業規模不大。我在連卡佛工作時認識了不少人,亦順利從零售行業轉型至傳媒業界,實在十分幸運。自加入《Tatler》至今,我已主理過無數時裝專輯和雜誌封面造型。
















JL我去年年終去了東京,我覺得那裡是我最喜歡的時裝城市之一。我喜歡日本設計師,也很享受在原宿發掘古著 (通常手裡都會握著薄餅,哈哈)。巴黎大概是我一直以來最喜歡的時裝城市。我在巴黎時,通常都會拜訪馬亥區的 Alaia 專門店。但洛杉磯西岸的閒適氣氛亦有種優游輕鬆的感覺,最近令我深深愛上。




JL我真的很喜歡 Bret Easton Ellis 的書,他的書都很黑暗,但我很喜歡他的寫作方式。有趣的是,我在紐約唸大學時,正好租用了他的公寓。當地產代理帶我參觀他的單位,並告訴我誰是業主時,我就立刻說要承租,哈哈。


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