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Club Monaco was founded in 1985 in Toronto with the idea of creating a line of “better basics.” Through the ‘90s, the brand continued to grow, moved to New York City, and caught the attention of iconic American designer Ralph Lauren as a unique voice in the industry—so much so that he acquired Club Monaco in 1999.

Today, Club is an evolution of its heritage: a modern, urban-minded brand with an element of ease and a spark of entrepreneurship from its Canadian roots.

EXCLUSIVE POST: Andrea’s Top Picks For Vintage Shopping

EXCLUSIVE POST: Andrea’s Top Picks For Vintage Shopping

I love redecorating my room, but instead of heading to the nearest Typo/ Crate & Barrel/ IKEA all the time, what about heading to the nearest vintage or second-hand store to find hidden gems that you can repurpose? Plus, besides getting a new piece of furniture, you also have the satisfaction of knowing your new desk or chair has a "vintage" tag to it!

I went vintage-shopping last week, and here are some of my top picks of where to shop second-hand in Singapore!

Second Charm - where I got a vintage white wooden bedside table for SGD$200. (Check out my "before and after" picture!). Besides selling “iconically-Singaporean” furniture, this furniture store does custom made-to-order pieces too. The owner, Sharifah, is incredibly friendly and welcoming, and prices are rather reasonable! The shop is packed with unique and beautiful furniture, so be sure to look through every nook and cranny!

Lorgan’s The Retro Store - where I got a photo frame and accessories holder for SGD $50 in total. They specialise in furniture more so than vintage trinkets, and this store probably speaks more to people who prefer their vintage furniture in more mint-condition.

Dustbunby Vintage - where I got a 1950s USA vintage purse for SGD $85. You can buy vintage bags, accessories, shoes, and jewellery here.

Junkie's Corner - This stretch of junkyard-sized warehouses store the vastest selection of second-hand items. While the place has definitely a good selection for someone looking to renovate their home/ office space, prices are set arbitrarily, and you may encounter owners that have little patience for customer service.

Hock Siong - While I didn't make it to Hock Siong last weekend, this place is a definite must-go. Service is great and you'll definite look for furniture you can repurpose.

And that's my quick guide to Vintage shopping in Singapore. The list is not exhaustive, and they are more furniture-based. If you are looking for decorative trinkets, definitely head to Golden Landmark Shopping Centre or Haji Lane!


獨家推薦: Andrea新加坡復古購物快速指南

我喜歡佈置我的房間,但除了到就近的Typo,Crate & Barrel 或宜家家居外,有否想過亦可到附近的復古或二手店舖尋找可以重新利用的隱藏寶物呢? 而且除了獲得一件新的家具外,新家具的“復古”標籤會給你額外的滿足感!


Second Charm - 我用$200新加坡幣在那裡買了一個複古的白色床頭木櫃 (看看我的前後對比照片!) 。除了出售“新加坡標誌性的”家具外,這家家具店也會為客人訂制家具。店主Sharifah非常友善和熱情,而且他的家具價格是相當合理。這店裡都是獨特而漂亮的家具,所以一定要逛遍店舖的每一個角落。

Lorgan’s The Retro Store - 我在這家店用$50新加坡幣購買了一個相架和一個飾物夾。比起復古小飾品,他們更加專注在家具上。這間店舖可能會比較適合喜歡完好無缺的復古家具的人。

Dustbunby Vintage - 我用$85新加坡幣在那裡買了一個20世紀50年代的美國老式錢包。你可以在這裡買到復古包,配飾,鞋子和首飾。

Junkie's Corner - 這個面積如廢品場般大的倉庫,存儲著最豐富的二手藏品。雖然這個地方絕對是想要翻新家居或辦公室的人的一個好選擇,但是藏品是任意定價的,你可能會遇到對客戶服務沒太大耐性的店舖老闆。

Hock Siong – 雖然我上周末未能去成Hock Siong,但這里絕對是一個必去的地方。他們的服務非常好而且你一定能找到可以重新利用的家具。

以上就是我在新加坡選購復古商品的快速指南。這個列表並不詳盡,而且多是以家具為主。如果你想要搜尋復古小裝飾品,那就一定要到去Golden Landmark購物中心或Haji Lane!



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