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Club Monaco was founded in 1985 in Toronto with the idea of creating a line of “better basics.” Through the ‘90s, the brand continued to grow, moved to New York City, and caught the attention of iconic American designer Ralph Lauren as a unique voice in the industry—so much so that he acquired Club Monaco in 1999.

Today, Club is an evolution of its heritage: a modern, urban-minded brand with an element of ease and a spark of entrepreneurship from its Canadian roots.

EXCLUSIVE TIPS: Taking The Perfect Flat Lay Pictures

EXCLUSIVE TIPS: Taking The Perfect Flat Lay Pictures

Club Monaco recently met with Daryl, a Singapore-based photographer with an eye for artistic details. Daryl produces very creatively, thought out images. Today, he takes Club Monaco on a journey on How To Shot The Perfect Flat Lay Picture.  

Daryl’s foray into photography began with partnerships with several local and international brands.  With support from family, friends, and mentors he launched Today, he also explores newer varied subjects to shoot; from artistic shoots, travel and landscape photography and he continues to produce product flat-lay images. 

As Club Monaco kicks off Occasion Month, we want to learn the best advice for taking pictures at the special events we celebrate in Spring.  Here are Daryl’s Tips for taking the best flat lay images:

Club Monaco (CM) & Daryl Yow (DY)

CM: What are some key rules one should follow when shooting flat lay photos?
You Need Good Lighting       

  • To shoot a flat lay, having natural lighting is very important to me. For me, I usually take a few test shots around my house or under my void deck and evaluate which is better.

You Need To Pick A Theme

  • Flat lays are supposed to tell a story and make sense together. For example, it wouldn’t make sense for me to put in my shoes and food together right? Like what is the story behind that? Me trying to multitask - eating and running at the same time?

Get The Bird’s Eye View

  • What makes flat lays popular is because it is usually shot from a bird’s eye view. Get on a chair, ladder, stool etc. no matter how silly you may look; this will bring your amateur photos one grade higher, I promise.

CM: How would you create a Flat Lay composition?
DY:  Keep a gap between every item in the photo and make it look symmetrical on both side of the frame.

CM: How can you ensure good lighting? If natural lighting is not sufficient, how can you improve the lighting for a flat lay photo?
DY:  Try to shoot outdoors in the morning to ensure good lighting. If natural lighting is not sufficient, you could try using reflectors, or just increase the exposure when you’re editing the photo.

CM: We know you are good with colors, do you have any specific color suggestions for flat lay photos
  Pink or reddish hues. I find that pink and reddish hues really make a photo pop.

CM: What types of backgrounds do you prefer when shooting for flat lay photos? Any recommendations? (e.g. white, plain or wood background)
DY:  I’d prefer using backgrounds with textures. (e.g fabric, checked paper etc.)

CM: How many photos do you usually take before you think you have captured the perfect shot?
DY:  About 30-40? That is why it is important to get a memory card with a huge space for hundreds of photos.

CM: Which photo editing apps or software would you recommend for flat lay photo editing?
DY:  I’d prefer using Photoshop, Snapseed or Afterlight. I usually just stick to using 1-2 apps so it doesn’t over-compress the images. It gets easier if you’re familiar with the editing apps


獨家專訪:與 Daryl Aiden Yow 對話

Club Monaco 最近與一位來自新加坡的攝影師 Daryl 會面,他的照片專注於藝術細節,並製作出非常創意的圖像。今天,他帶 Club Monaco 去了一趟介紹如何拍攝完美平鋪照的旅程。

他的商業攝影開始於為多個尊貴的新加坡本地和國際品牌拍攝產品照,並在他的朋友,導師和家人的支持下創辦了 。今天,他繼續拍攝產品的平鋪照同時亦不斷探索,從藝術拍攝到旅遊和景觀照,都是他所追求的更新和更多樣化拍攝題材。

隨著 Club Monaco 慶典月的開始,我們希望能夠學習在慶祝春天特別活動中的最佳拍攝建議。以下是 Daryl 與大家分享他拍攝平鋪照的秘訣:

Club Monaco (CM) Daryl Aiden Yow (DY)

CM: 拍攝平鋪照時有那些重要規則應遵循
DY:  你需要好的光線

  • 對我來說拍攝平鋪照時,擁有天然光是非常重要的。我自己通常會在家裡或地面層拍攝幾張相片來評估哪個位置較好。


  • 平鋪照應是講述一個故事並且是合理的。例如: 我覺得把食物和鞋放在一起拍照是不合理,對吧?這相片背後的故事是什麼?我嘗試同時做多項事情 – 吃東西與跑步同時進行?


  • 平鋪照受歡迎的原因是它通常在鳥瞰的角度拍攝。我保證如果你從椅子、梯或高凳上拍攝,不管你看起來多愚蠢,但這方法可以讓你的業餘相片更勝一籌。

CM: 您將如何建立一個平鋪照構圖
DY:  每件物品之間都保持間隙及在框架的兩側看起來是對稱的。

CM: 你如何確保有好的光線? 如果天然光線不充足你如何為平鋪照改善光線
DY:  確保有好的光線可嘗試於早上在戶外拍攝。如果天然光線不充足,你可嘗試使用反射板或於編輯相片時調高曝光率。

CM: 我們知道你有敏銳的顏色觸角,你對平鋪照有什麼特定的顏色建議嗎
DY:  粉紅色或微紅色調。我發現粉紅色和微紅色調真的能讓相片更突出。

CM: 拍攝平鋪照時,你喜歡什麼類型的背景?有 任何建議嗎? (例如: 白色,樸素簡單或是木的背景)
DY:  我會比較喜歡有質感的背景。(例如: 布、有格子的紙等等)

CM: 在你認為拍攝到最完美的相片之前,你通常會拍攝多少張片?
DY:  大概 30-40 張?所以一張能容納幾百張相片的記憶咭是極為重要的。

CM: 您建議用哪個照片編輯應用程序或軟件來編輯平鋪照?
DY:  我會比較喜歡用 Photoshop,Snapseed 或 Afterlight。我通常只用1-2個應用程序,它不會壓縮圖像。如果你熟悉使用編輯應用程序,它會變得更加容易。


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