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Club Monaco was founded in 1985 in Toronto with the idea of creating a line of “better basics.” Through the ‘90s, the brand continued to grow, moved to New York City, and caught the attention of iconic American designer Ralph Lauren as a unique voice in the industry—so much so that he acquired Club Monaco in 1999.

Today, Club is an evolution of its heritage: a modern, urban-minded brand with an element of ease and a spark of entrepreneurship from its Canadian roots.

THEIR TOP PICKS: Andrea & Daryl's Outfits for SS'17

THEIR TOP PICKS: Andrea & Daryl's Outfits for SS'17

Club Monaco recently met up with two of Singapore’s most popular influencers (and best friends), Andrea Chong and Daryl Aiden, to chat about the incredible journey they have embarked on together since the start of their friendship.

Andrea is the founder of Digital Advertising Agency and the blogger behind Her BFF, Daryl, is a Singapore-based photographer with an eye for artistic details, and produces very creatively, thought out images, showcased on

This week, the fashionable pair selected their top picks from the Club Monaco SS17 Collection for each other.

Club Monaco (CM), Andrea Chong (AC) & Daryl Yow (D)

CM: Where did you two meet?
A: We met on Instagram! I followed him first, and then he approached me to promote his online store, after I postponed our meeting at least 3 times we finally met for lunch… which lasted for seven hours!
D: Drea and I were already following each other on Instagram before we met each other in person. We both met at an event! After the event, we continued to hang out, and from then onwards I know she was going to make a good friend.

CM: You both travel quite a lot together, what do you think is an important personality trait in the perfect travel partner?
A: I think Daryl will tell you that there must be one main planner on the trip (which is me). Daryl is super flexible and chill when it comes to traveling, so we never quarrel or argue about the itinerary.
D: I think it’s really important to be patient with the other person.  I’m also pretty easy going and very flexible with last minute changes to an itinerary plan. Drea is a planner, a really good planner. On the other hand, I cannot plan even a date to save my life. So I leave everything to her, which she loves! I think if I were a planner as well, things would not be going as smoothly as they’re going for us now, haha!

CM: Which are your fondest travel memories together?
A: Definitely when I brought Daryl hiking during our first few trips to America. He couldn’t get over how close we were to the cliffs, it was quite hilarious. I recorded everything down on video, haha!
D: It would have to be our 22-day LA road trip last February! We shoot non-stop whenever we travel, so it’s a little frustrating if a country or city we are in has very limited photo-worthy locations to shoot. We drove from LA to Big Sur to Yosemite to Las Vegas to Grand Canyon and then back to LA. Driving for long hours allowed us to bond even further and it really helped that there were beautiful locations everywhere!!

CM: What are some of the projects you are both working on currently? How does working together bring out the best in each of you?
A: We’ve recently had the pleasure of working with Club Monaco together! I think there is no formula towards the way we work – we just click and gel very well together. I get what he wants, he gets what I want. Sometimes, our best work together comes spontaneously!
D: We just did a BFF video for Sketchers and another surprise campaign with Nando’s! We’re also working together with MUJI for their women’s and men’s wear. Drea is really good with creative directions and is very decisive. When she gives me ideas on how a photograph should be styled, I’d already be able to see the finished shot 99% of the time. We do not believe in compromising anything when it comes to a photograph. Sometimes, when we get a little lazy just from thinking about all the traveling required to capture just one photo, one of us would remind ourselves, “ANYTHING FOR A PHOTO. Do not compromise.”

CM: Where is your next travel destination?
A: I’ll be heading to Tokyo and London in April. Daryl and I are heading to Lombok in May with our other best friend, Charlotte.

CM: What is your must-have travel item?
A: I definitely have 3 must-haves. My laptop, my DSLR and my moisturizer!
D: Moisturizer!!

CM: Do you usually shop together? How has your style evolved since being together?
A: Daryl follows me shopping all the time, which is quite bad because when we both like something, he’ll just egg me on and I’ll end up not having any self-control.
D: We do! I used to layer up all the time, and I would sometimes look a little over-the-top for a particular occasion. Although these days, I’m starting to wear more shirts and pants! She likes it when I’m in loungewear which is a look I’d never go for in the past.  It just feels more relaxed and effortless. Clearly, I ended up liking it too!

CM: What inspired your outfit selection for him/her?
A: I definitely wanted to marry Daryl’s love for basics and clean-cut silhouettes, and my love for neutral-tones and khaki!
D: I’ve been on enough shopping trips with Drea to know what she likes or doesn’t like. It also helps that she has a pretty fixed sense of style. She can never go wrong with stripes, embroideries and off-the-shoulder tops.

CM: What is your favorite Club Monaco item you picked for each other today? 
A: Definitely the khaki pants! It’s something I would have in my wardrobe too!
D: It would have to be the pastel pink scalloped hem shorts!

CM: Who is the better photographer between both of you?
A: We both have our strengths! Daryl is better with colors and editing. I work well with composition and location-scouting, so we help each other out!
D: Me! It would be a problem for my career if she were better than me, haha! Okay, but jokes aside, she’s really good with creative direction and I’m better with colors! We help aid each other in achieving the perfect shot!

他們的最愛: Andrea 與 Daryl 互相為對方選擇最愛的SS'17單品

Club Monaco 邀請了 Andrea Chong和 Daryl Aiden,兩位來自新加坡最受歡迎的博客合作。私下亦是好朋友的他們,將與大家分享兩人自相識後的故事,訴說他們的難忘旅程 。

Andrea 是 Digital Creative Agency 的創辦人和 的博主。她的好友 Daryl,是一位新加坡攝影師,他的照片專注於藝術細節,並製作出非常創意的圖像,在他的網站www.darylaidenyow.com上發出光芒。

本周,他們向我們展示了為對方所挑選的 Club Monaco SS17 單品。

CM: 你們在哪裡認識的?
A: 我們於 Instagram 上認識的!開始時我先關注 Daryl,然後他與我接洽推廣他的網上商店,我們便相約(在我至少推遲了三次之後)!那頓午飯最終吃了七個小時。
D: Drea 和我於相識之前已經互相關注彼此的 Instagram。我們是於一個活動上認識的!活動之後,我們繼續閒逛了七個小時,最後我相信將跟她能成為一對很好的朋友。

CM: 你們經常一起去旅遊,你覺得一個完美的旅行伴侶最重要的個性特點是什麼?
A: 我相信 Daryl 會告訴你旅程是必須要有一個主要策劃者 (那就是我)。當談到旅遊時, Daryl 是超級靈活和爽快,所以我們從來沒有在行程的問題上爭吵或爭論過。
D: 我認為對對方有耐性是很重要的,而我是一個很容易相處和對於突然改變行程計畫,都能夠靈活配合的。Drea 很擅長規劃行程。相較之下,我不但不能計劃行程,甚至連日期都定不來,所以我會把所有東西都交給她,而這也是她喜歡做的 !我認為如果行程是由我來計劃的話,事情恐怕不會那麼順利,哈哈 !

CM: 你們一起旅行的最美好回憶是什麼?
肯定是我們最初數次到美國旅行期間,我帶了 Daryl 去遠足。那是很滑稽的經歷,他一直無法克服我們已經走到很接近的懸崖邊。我更把這一切都拍攝下來了, 哈哈!
D: 一定是我們去年二月,在洛杉磯長達22天的公路旅行!因為我們在旅程期間不停拍攝,所以如果該國家或城市沒有太多漂亮的地點給我們拍攝,實在是令人有點沮喪。我們開車來回洛杉磯,途經了大蘇爾、拉斯維加斯、大峽谷和優山美地。長時間的公路旅行使我們的友誼更進一步,而到處都有美麗的地方真是幫上一大忙。

CM: 你們目前有什麼一起做的計劃是? 一起工作如何能展示你們各自最好的一面?
A: 我們很榮幸能在一個 Club Monaco 的計劃中一起合作!我認為我們的工作方式是沒有公式的 — 我們就是很有默契,聯手共事,結為一體。 大家都清楚了解對方。有時,我們最好的作品都是很自然地出現的!
D: 我們剛為 Sketchers 拍攝了一條以永遠好朋友為主題的短片和一輯 Namdo’s 驚喜企劃,我們最近亦與無印良品合作。Drea 是很有創意觸角,並且非常果斷。當她給我有關照片風格的想法時,我就知道已經完成拍攝工作的 99% 了。當涉及到照片時,我們不相信要對任何事物妥協。所以,當有一點懶惰的想法,出發到一個特定的地點只是為了一張照片時,我們大家會提醒對方一個格言「任何照片,不妥協。」

CM: 你下次的旅行目的地是那裡?
A: 我四月會出發去東京和倫敦。Daryl,我和我們的另一位好友,Charlotte 會於五月前往龍目島。

CM: 你必須帶去旅遊的物品是什麼?
A: 我絕對有三必備:我的筆記本電腦,專業單反相機和保濕用品!
D:  保濕用品!

CM: 你們會常常一起逛街嗎?你們一起以來,穿著風格有何改變?
A: Daryl 時常與我一起逛街,但這其實是很糟糕的,因為當我們倆都喜歡那樣東西時,他只會慫恿我,而最終的結果是我會變得不能自控 :/
D: 我們會的!我之前經常會以層次配搭,有時出席一些場合會有點不得當。最近,我開始更多穿著襯衫和褲子!她喜歡我於 Lounge-Y 的衣著 (以前我從未試過的造型),有時會比較輕鬆自在。顯然,我也喜歡這樣!哈哈哈!

CM: 是什麼啟發了你為他/她選擇的衣服?
A: 我絕對想把 Daryl 最愛的簡潔和輪廓鮮明的剪裁和我最愛的中性色調和卡其色結合在一起!
D:  我已經和 Drea 去了足夠的購物旅行,知道她喜歡或不喜歡什麼。這有助於她有一個頗為固定的風格。對於她來說,條紋,刺繡,肩膀上衣都不會出錯。

CM: 從今天你為對方所挑選的衣服中, 你最喜歡的 Club Monaco 單品是什麼?
D: 想必是那條粉紅色扇形下擺短褲!

CM: 你們之間誰是更好的攝影師?
A: 我們都各有強項 !Daryl 對調整顏色和編輯比較好,而我對構圖和位置偵察做得較好,所以我們會互相幫忙!
D: 我,我,當然是我!!如果說她比我好,那我的事業便會有麻煩了,哈哈哈!只是說笑吧了。她的創意方向真是很好,我在顏色方面比較強!我們互相幫助實現完美的照片!

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