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Club Monaco was founded in 1985 in Toronto with the idea of creating a line of “better basics.” Through the ‘90s, the brand continued to grow, moved to New York City, and caught the attention of iconic American designer Ralph Lauren as a unique voice in the industry—so much so that he acquired Club Monaco in 1999.

Today, Club is an evolution of its heritage: a modern, urban-minded brand with an element of ease and a spark of entrepreneurship from its Canadian roots.

WHO'S INVITED: Presenting The NYFW Collection

WHO'S INVITED: Presenting The NYFW Collection

Club Monaco, the international lifestyle brand, is proud to open its doors to its Hong Kong flagship store and celebrate the beginning of Spring.  To kick-off the new season and the Spring/Summer’17 Collection, the brand partnered with Who Are Invited to engage with six Hong Kong influencers who embody the brand’s lifestyle narrative.  We invite you to learn their stories and see how each of them styles The New York Fashion Week Collection; which is available in-stores today.

Shao Tsui: Born and raised in Canada, with a passion for cooking, Shao is known for sharing his culinary skills in multiple cooking programmes. This fun TV personality, loves exploring the world for exotic ingredients and cuisines.

Karen Wong: Karen is a PR guru in the F&B industry and is the co-founder of On Air Collective, an experiential marketing and creative agency dedicated to helping brands grow.  She is a lover of all things vintage and enjoys collecting antiques from around the world.

Laiza S: Laiza is the co-founder of the online fashion lifestyle brand, A Little Shy.  She spends most of her time traveling and exploring the world in search of new places, cultures and inspirations and loves to share personal experiences with her followers on Instagram. 

Samantha Wong: Samantha co-founded On Air Collective with her sister Karen Wong and is a natural F&B industry veteran. She also has a knack for creativity which is always reflected in her personal style.

KJ Wong: Renowned musician, KJ started playing the piano at the age of seven and has won a number of local competitions and awards in Hong Kong. Besides devoting himself to music, KJ also spends much of his time reading and writing columns for different publications.

Ruth Chao: Ruth is the co-founder of INDICUBE, a dynamic creative agency based in Hong Kong. Outside of work, she is passionate about fashion and art as well as traveling the world seeking new adventures and experiences.  

Celebrate Spring, and the New York Fashion Collection straight from the runways of NYC.  You’re invited to our Queen’s Road Central Store this Thursday, March 2nd for bites, bubbly and to shop our latest collection.

獨家邀請:Club Monaco紐約時裝週發佈會

國際生活時尚品牌Club Monaco為了迎接春季的來臨及慶祝推出2017春夏季系列,率先與Who Are Invited 合作, 邀請了 6 位本地知名的時尚達人一同體驗品牌的生活哲學。我們誠邀您來細閱他們的故事,看看他們如何展示紐約時裝週系列。春季系列現已在各分店有售。

徐肇平: 於加拿大土生土長的肇平對烹飪充滿熱誠,並於多個烹飪節目上分享煮食心得。在螢幕給人活潑俏皮形象的他,最愛探索來自世界各地的食材和美食。

Karen Wong: Karen擁有多年餐飲業的公關經驗,同時也是 On Air Collective創辦人之一。對復古物品情有獨鍾的她,喜歡收集來自世界各地的古董。

Laiza S: 時裝網店A Little Shy的創辦人Laiza熱愛旅行及探索世界,經常遊走世界各地,尋找新事物和靈感 ,並透過 Instagram 分享她的個人經歷。

Samantha Wong: 具多年公關經驗的Samantha對飲食業有著獨特的潮流觸角,和妹妹 Karen 一同創辦公關公司On Air Collective。充分將極具個人風格的創意發揮在上。

KJ Wong: 著名鋼琴家KJ自七歲開始彈鋼琴,並於本地音樂比賽中獲獎無數。醉心於音樂的他才華洋溢,喜歡在空閒時閱讀和寫作。

Ruth Chao: Ruth是多元化設計公司INDICUBE的創辦人之一。工作之外,她熱衷於時裝和藝術,透過旅遊在不同地方尋求新體驗。


LIMITED EDITION: Introducing The Spring'17 Collection

LIMITED EDITION: Introducing The Spring'17 Collection

YOU'RE INVITED: The NYFW Collection Spring'17

YOU'RE INVITED: The NYFW Collection Spring'17