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Club Monaco was founded in 1985 in Toronto with the idea of creating a line of “better basics.” Through the ‘90s, the brand continued to grow, moved to New York City, and caught the attention of iconic American designer Ralph Lauren as a unique voice in the industry—so much so that he acquired Club Monaco in 1999.

Today, Club is an evolution of its heritage: a modern, urban-minded brand with an element of ease and a spark of entrepreneurship from its Canadian roots.

LIMITED EDITION: The NYFW Collection Spring'17

LIMITED EDITION: The NYFW Collection Spring'17

Introducing The New York Fashion Week Spring Collection, Available Now

For or the first time at New York Fashion Week, the customer is the VIP. Club Monaco is proud to be presenting a full-scale fashion show not just for media, but for consumers. On February 10th, the lifestyle brand was thefirst to invite customers to view its new men's and women's Spring collections at its global flagship store. The pieces that walked the runway are now  available  in every Club Monaco store, with select items available for waitlist.  In this unprecedented move, Club Monaco has given the customer premier access to shop and experience the excitement of New York Fashion Week.

“Our goal is to offer consumers fashion-forward yet approachable style in a relaxed environment,” said Club Monaco chief executive officer Francis Pierrel. “For Spring/Summer ’17 we presented our collection in our own home, creating a unique experience for guests and showcasing a lifestyle beyond the wardrobe.”

Following the show, Club Monaco brought The New York Fashion Week Collection on the road for customers around the globe.  During the month of February and March, the brand will host a series of consumer events throughout the United States, Canada, the UK and Asia to celebrate the collection.

About The Women’s Spring Collection:

This Collection was inspired by the documentary Latcho Drom, which follows a family of travelers from Romania to India and pays homage to timeless travel celebrated through song and dance. This story inspired the Collections colorful patterns and peasant details which are offset by clean, crisp fabrics. Bold floral prints and pleated ruffles balance sculptural knits and classic stripes.

“Patterns from a Romanian shawl and the documentary sparked the inspiration behind the collection, but we’ve stayed true to our urban roots, mixing it up with crisp fabrics and sculptural shapes,” said Caroline Belhumeur, creative director and SVP of women’s design. 

About The Men’s Spring 2017 Collection:

The Club Monaco Men’s Spring 2017 Collection builds upon a renewed sense of updated classics, giving quintessential menswear pieces a technical twist. Pinstripes, chalk stripes and jacquards are reinterpreted, while softly tailored blazers and classic newsboy jackets are updated in nylon tech fabrics. Pattern is key, with sophisticated florals, eastern European prints and reworked stripes paired and layered to create a refreshed sense of dimension.

“This season our overarching focus is pattern, incorporating florals and various renditions of stripes paired together in a novel way,” said Matthew Millward, vice president of men’s design.


紐約時裝週迎來嶄新體驗,全體顧客首次成為座上貴賓。Club Monaco 欣然公開系列時裝展全貌,不僅予傳媒採訪報導,更讓消費者率先欣賞。時尚生活品牌 Club Monaco 於 2 月 10 日,率先邀請顧客蒞臨其全球旗艦店,親睹品牌男、女裝春季系列全貌。每件於天橋上亮相的作品,均即時於 Club Monaco 各專門店有售,部分精選產品則可供顧客訂購。是次創舉,讓顧客得以親臨品牌位於紐約第五大道 160 號的大本營,真切體驗紐約時裝週令人興奮期待的時刻。

Club Monaco 行政總裁 Francis Pierrel 表示:「我們的宗旨是讓顧客在輕鬆休閒的環境中,選購時尚創新而價格平易近人的服飾。17年春夏系列將於品牌的大本營隆重發表,為來賓締造獨特體驗,從服飾系列中了解品牌的時尚生活態度。」

時裝展舉行過後,Club Monaco 會展開環球之旅,將紐約時裝週系列帶給世界各地的顧客。品牌將於 2 月及 3 月舉辦連串公開活動,向美國、加拿大、英國及亞洲消費者,介紹系列全新面貌。



創意總監兼女裝高級副總裁 Caroline Belhumeur 表示:「系列的靈感源自羅馬尼亞披肩上的圖案和電影《流浪者之歌》,但我們亦忠於品牌的都會根源,將民族圖案融合俐落布料和精煉剪裁。」


Club Monaco 2017 年春季男裝系列為經典賦予嶄新意義,以科技元素革新傳統男裝款式,不但重新演繹細條紋、粉筆條紋和提花圖案,舒適稱身的西裝夾克和經典短外套更以新穎的人造尼龍布料縫製。圖案是系列的主打特色,雅致的花卉圖案、東歐印花和重新塑造的條紋互相配合,交織出豐富層次,呈獻煥然一新的男裝系列。

男裝設計副總裁 Matthew Millward 表示:「本季首重圖案的運用,以新穎的方式結合花卉圖案和各種條紋。」

YOU'RE INVITED: The NYFW Collection Spring'17

YOU'RE INVITED: The NYFW Collection Spring'17

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