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Club Monaco was founded in 1985 in Toronto with the idea of creating a line of “better basics.” Through the ‘90s, the brand continued to grow, moved to New York City, and caught the attention of iconic American designer Ralph Lauren as a unique voice in the industry—so much so that he acquired Club Monaco in 1999.

Today, Club is an evolution of its heritage: a modern, urban-minded brand with an element of ease and a spark of entrepreneurship from its Canadian roots.

OUR FLAGSHIPS: New York City, London & Toronto

OUR FLAGSHIPS: New York City, London & Toronto

Club Monaco, the international lifestyle brand, connects fashion and design with real life. Each experience—in store and online —is innovative and singular. Whether creating or carefully curating its individual experiences, Club Monaco focuses on authenticity. Club Monaco flagships are centers for discovery; each store design is bespoke and reflects the art, architecture and culture of its neighborhood. The flagships engage the customer and share with them the brands, artisans, items and ideas that inspire Club Monaco. Effortless, cool and thoughtful women’s and men’s collections live alongside vintage handbags and watches, hard-to-find home objects, rare books on art and design, local coffee and food - all pillars of the Club Monaco lifestyle. 

5th Avenue, New York City
The global flagship at 160 Fifth Avenue, where consumers can shop for pieces in an elevated retail. The global flagship pays homage to the neighborhood’s rich history of Gilded Age departments stores with an eclectic mix of new and vintage furniture pieces. The Club Monaco flagship juxtaposes fashion and urban life by housing two new shop-in-shops: Toby's Estate Coffee, a hip Williamsburg mainstay, and The Strand, the iconic Manhattan bookstore. These retail extensions has added an authentic New York experience filtered into a unique shopping environment that became the second home to stylish urbanites, who can shop current trends over a cup of coffee and pour over books in categories such as art, travel, photography, food and fashion. 

Sloane Square, London
Club Monaco pushes the boundaries of its directional point of view this fall with a series of innovative retail concepts. In August 2014, Club Monaco opens its first women’s flagship at Sloane Square where consumers can shop for pieces in an elevated retail landscape. This cozy and stylish store offers a unique assortment of Club Monaco classics intermingled with elevated wardrobe pieces and accessories. The shop reflects Club Monaco’s transformation from a black and white retailer to an iconic urban fashion brand whose heritage lies in key pieces sprinkled with luxurious elements. The Sloane Square Women’s flagship store is part of the Club Monaco brand evolution embodied by the re-launch of the global flagship store on Fifth Avenue.

Bloor Street, Toronto
Club Monaco, the international lifestyle brand, brought the best of local food and flowers to the Toronto flagship store. The innovative retailer has launched the brand’s first-ever farmers market at their Bloor Street store, bringing coffee, flowers, artisanal baked goods, ice cream and organic salads from the most well-known chefs to their customers in August 2015. 

As the first fashion brand to create a concept shop inside the number one restaurant in the world, Noma, and the first brand to launch a coffee shop and bookstore within their global flagship in New York City, Club Monaco continues their unique lifestyle narrative with the launch of the best-of-Toronto market last summer.  The market sits outside the Club Monaco store on Bloor Street. 

“Club Monaco was founded in Toronto almost 30 years ago and we want to continue to give back to the city that has given us so much in shaping what Club Monaco is today,” said John Mehas, chief executive officer at Club Monaco. “The market at Bloor Street brings the best local chefs, baristas, bakers and florists to our flagship store for our customer to experience and celebrate the lifestyle of Toronto.”


國際都會風尚品牌將時尚與設計融入日常生活、無論是線上或是店內活動, 均為獨一無二的體驗, 極富開創性與前瞻性。Club Monaco 以開創性的生活方式理念為品牌宗旨, 不同的領域展示獨特的品牌風格。 所有門店均由品牌的專業設計團隊量身定制, 力求與周邊環境融為一體, 品牌的旗艦店更是當中的典範, 值得仔細品味。旗艦店是品牌與每位顧客分享生活品味, 鑒賞演出者, 以及共同激發生活靈感場所。Club Monaco 不但提供簡潔俐落且實用性極強的男裝與女裝系列, 除此之外, 更涵蓋家品、書籍、鮮花、咖啡與美食; 以向顧客傳達內涵豐富的生活方式。

紐約第五大道 160 號
Club Monaco 於紐約第五大道160 號開設的全球旗艦店,讓消費者於更高尚的零售環境中選購心愛服飾。這全球旗艦店向區內顯赫的百貨公司致敬,頌揚鎏金時代,網羅新舊家具的風格。Club Monaco 第五大道旗艦店內設兩間全新的店中店,包括 Williamsburg 區內著名時尚熱點 Toby's Estate Coffee 咖啡店,及曼克頓經典書店 The Strand ,揉合時裝和都會生活。兩個新零售點為旗艦店增添典型的紐約風尚,塑造獨特的購物環境,為時尚的都市男女提供第二個家,讓他們一邊呷著咖啡,一邊翻閱藝術、旅遊、攝影、飲食及時裝等專書,同時滿足購物需要。

倫敦 Sloane Sqaure
Club Monaco 繼續以一系列嶄新的零售概念開拓視野,領導潮流。品牌於 2014 年 8 月在倫敦 Sloane Sqaure 開設首間女裝旗艦店,讓顧客於高雅的零售氛圍中,選購心愛服飾。隨著全新的環球旗艦店開幕,品牌將鞏固其時尚生活大本營的地位,演繹耳目一新的購物體驗。新旗艦店向區內豐富的喬治時代建築歷史致敬,以不拘一格的時尚及懷舊舊家具擺設營造出獨特的風格。溫馨舒適而時尚的新店提供一系列 Club Monaco 經典產品及高級的當季時裝和配飾精品。新店反映 Club Monaco 由專注黑白色系的零售商蛻變為經典都會時裝品牌的新風格,彰顯以奢華元素妝點主要服飾的傳統。Sloane Square 女裝旗艦店是  Club Monaco 繼紐約第五大道的環球旗艦後,品牌進化的另一里程碑。

國際生活時尚品牌 Club Monaco 將最好的當地美食和鮮花帶到其多倫多旗艦店。2015 年 8 月,品牌首次推出全新市集概念進駐零售商店,顧客可以在 Club Monaco 多倫多布魯爾街旗艦店購買鮮花,享用咖啡並且一同品嘗由著名廚師製作的手工烘焙麵包、雪糕和有機沙拉。

作為首間在全球最佳餐廳 Noma 開設零售概念店和第一個在其紐約全球旗艦店開設咖啡室及書店的生活時尚品牌,Club Monaco 多倫多旗艦店設立全新概念市集,繼續與顧客分享其獨特的生活體驗,概念市集坐落於店鋪外的布魯爾街上。

「 30 年前 Club Monaco 在多倫多創立。這個城市為品牌的形象塑造帶來了很多靈感,我們希望能持續回饋這個城市。而位於布魯爾街旗艦店的全新概念市集彙聚當地最佳的廚師、咖啡師、烘焙師和花藝師,與顧客一同感受和分享這美妙的多倫多生活方式。」- Club Monaco 行政總裁 John Mehas
OUR SELECTIONS: Coffee Table Books

OUR SELECTIONS: Coffee Table Books