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Club Monaco was founded in 1985 in Toronto with the idea of creating a line of “better basics.” Through the ‘90s, the brand continued to grow, moved to New York City, and caught the attention of iconic American designer Ralph Lauren as a unique voice in the industry—so much so that he acquired Club Monaco in 1999.

Today, Club is an evolution of its heritage: a modern, urban-minded brand with an element of ease and a spark of entrepreneurship from its Canadian roots.

HOW TO STYLE: Your Dinner Table for Christmas Party

HOW TO STYLE: Your Dinner Table for Christmas Party

The presents are wrapped, the decorations are up and the Christmas carols are on repeat. Next up is to transform your dinner table into a festive display that will get your dinner guests into the holiday spirit. We’ve teamed up with prop stylist, Samantha Wong (@samishome), to pull together an enchanting dinner table setting. Check out her tips below so you can transform your dinner table into something captivating!   

Club Monaco (CM) & Samantha Wong (SW)

CM:  Where do you get your inspirations on styling a table?
 I take inspiration from Hong Kong - what's seasonal, what's around me in addition to extra tips from Pinterest when I need a boost of ideas and tricks!

CM:  Three tips on how to decorate or style a table

1.    Use the height and the breadth of the room to determine how to decorate. Since my house has tall ceilings, creating a balloon garland that suspends over the table creates drama.
2.    Choose a colour palette and let it set the mood through your plates, cutlery and florals.
3.    Always collaborate with friends and fellow artists: it'll help lift the weight off your shoulders but also allow your friends to show off their talents at the table. Beverly of Life at Studio B is a friend and calligrapher who helped me write the menus and name cards. 

CM:  How does Club Monaco as a brand inspire you for this table setting?
SW: Club Monaco and I share a love for an easy elegance that goes beyond simply the wardrobe and into daily living. When it comes to entertaining we love a gathering that's not fussy and overdone but is warm and inviting with an added sense of "wow!" to the table.

CM: The styling elements of this Club Monaco table setting
SW: Since Christmas decor can be somewhat of a cliché, I wanted something more fun and unexpected for the table setting. The balloon garland pays tribute to the shiny spherical ornaments that you'd find on a tree, and adding some evergreen and white florals gives it that festive 'snowy' look. 

For the table itself, I kept everything rather paired down to let the balloon garland sing. I prefer neutrals for a refined and understated setting so I played up the conversation in textures: pewter, speckled matte stoneware, white crinkly linen and a hint of brass.
As a prop stylist, I love searching for new pieces to add to my collection of tableware whether I'm at home or traveling. The plates are from a local ceramic shop that sells imperfect pieces that factories label as defects; the narrow forks are from a thrift store in Canada; the bone spoons are from Vietnam when I went two Christmases ago; and the brass water jug is from Old Faithful Shop in Vancouver. The rocks that sit on the name cards were picked up from the stony beaches of Newfoundland. I thought they were just so cool- something the Club Monaco community would understand- that deep sense of appreciation for beauty in small, ordinary things.


禮物已經包裝好、佈置裝飾都掛上、聖誕歌亦不斷重複播放著。下一步便是把你家裹平凡的餐桌,搖身一變成充滿節日佈置的餐桌,為你的親朋好友帶來濃厚聖誕氣氛。我們與著名道具造型師 Samantha Wong (@samishome) 合作,一起把餐桌佈置得令人陶醉。看看以下的小提示,如何把你的餐桌變得更吸引!

CM: 你從哪裏獲得設計餐桌的靈感?
SM: 我的靈感來源自香港。不論是季節性的,還是身邊的事物。有時,我還會在 Pinterest 取得一些秘訣。

CM: 三個裝飾餐桌的技巧是?

2. 挑選一個你喜歡的顏色組合,並分圍於的碗碟、餐具和花束上。
要與朋友和同伴藝術家合作,這不但能分輕你的工作亦能讓你的朋友在餐桌設計上發揮他們才能。來自 Life at Studio B 的 Beverly 是我一位書法家朋友,她曾為我的菜單和名片作字體設計。

CM: Club Monaco 這個品牌如何啟發你對餐桌設計的想法?
SM: Club Monaco 代表的不只是時裝,而是一種優雅的生活態度。我亦喜爱這種簡約優雅的設計。當邀請朋友聚會時,與其追求過度的佈置裝飾,我們希望用簡約優雅的餐桌佈置為每位朋友帶來""一聲的驚喜,營造出溫暖的聚會氣氛。

CM: Club Monaco 餐桌設計的風格元素是?
SM: 陳腔濫調的聖誕裝飾到處可見,但我主張一些更有趣和意想不到的餐桌佈置設計:氣球花環與聖誕樹上閃亮的球形裝飾物互相輝映,再加上翠綠和雪白的花束,為你帶來一個白色聖誕。

如果餐桌上只有氣球花環的話會略於沉悶; 我會把不同元素放在一起,並善用大地色系的素材,例如白鑞、帶有斑點的啞光陶器、白色亞麻布和黃銅。

作為一個道具造型師,我無論在家裡還是旅行,都喜歡為我的餐具系列尋找一些新元素:盤子是來自一家當地銷售次品的陶瓷商店;幼細的叉是購自加拿大的二手店;骨瓷湯匙是兩年前的聖誕我從越南帶回來的; 黃銅水壺是來自溫哥華的 Old Faithful Shop;專放名片的岩石座是我從紐芬蘭的石灘中拾獲的。我認為這個組合正正代表著 Club Monaco,對平凡微小事情的一種讚美。

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