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Club Monaco is an international brand that designs and creates modern yet timeless clothing and accessories for women and men. Since its first store opened in Toronto in 1985, Club Monaco has been recognized by fashion influencers for its thoughtfully designed, purposeful collections featuring relevant, wearable pieces, fine fabrics and exceptional fits. Headquartered in New York City’s Chelsea gallery district, Club Monaco can be found worldwide with stores in the United States, London, Canada, Seoul, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong and Macau.

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HER TOP PICKS: Antonia Li’s Fall Favorites

HER TOP PICKS: Antonia Li’s Fall Favorites

Antonia Li, the stylish entrepreneur who co-founded INDICUBE, a dynamic creative agency based in Hong Kong, knows how to juggle her busy schedule whilst looking stylish and presentable throughout the day.  Here are her seven fashionable must-haves for this fall, perfect for transitioning from work to a night out. 

  1. Timeless teardrop mirror shades add a bit of edge to any outfit. 
  2. Denim goes with pretty much everything, denim on denim too!
  3. Turtle necks for a look that is built for comfort. 
  4. Slip-on sneakers look nice with cropped jeans. I like them better than high tops.
  5. Oversized coats will wrap up your winter wardrobe in style!
  6. Backpacks are so stylish and practical especially because I need to take my laptop around a lot. I like wearing it on one shoulder. 
  7. A gold necklace adds a bit of glamour to the whole look.  I love matching them with my other gold accessories like my vintage gold watch and my Balinese string bracelets.

Product information

  1. Krewe St. Louis Sunglasses – HK$2,190
  2. Citizen of Humanity Abigail – HK$2,690
  3. Bahram Sweater – HK$1,590
  4. Veja Esplar – HK$1,590
  5. Amelda Coat – HK$5,290
  6. Loeffler Randall – HK$3,990
  7. Leaf Necklace – HK$790

 她的最愛:Antonia Li的秋冬時尚必備之選

時尚企業家—Antonia Li是INDICUBE的創辦人之一; 她的設計公司在香港洋溢著創意與活力。儘管Antonia要應付每天緊密的工作行程,但她也不忘以時尚與大方得體的造型示人。以下是她所挑選的7件秋冬時尚必備之選,完美地演繹了從早上上班至夜晚玩樂的不同形象。

  1. 水滴型鏡面墨鏡永不過時,令每個造型更富潮流感。
  2. 牛仔褲是百搭之選,denim on denim 也不例外!
  3. 樽領毛衣很適合營造一個悠閒舒適的風格。
  4. 悠閒運動鞋與九分牛仔褲 一起很合襯,它比高筒鞋更好配搭。 
  5. 寬鬆外套能令你的冬季衣櫥更顯風格!
  6. 背包既有型又實用,尤其我需要帶著laptop工作。不過我喜歡把它背在一邊。
  7. 一條金色的項鍊可以讓你的整體造型更亮眼。我喜歡把它與我其他金飾配在一起,例如我的古董金錶和巴里制的手繩。
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