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Club Monaco was founded in 1985 in Toronto with the idea of creating a line of “better basics.” Through the ‘90s, the brand continued to grow, moved to New York City, and caught the attention of iconic American designer Ralph Lauren as a unique voice in the industry—so much so that he acquired Club Monaco in 1999.

Today, Club is an evolution of its heritage: a modern, urban-minded brand with an element of ease and a spark of entrepreneurship from its Canadian roots.

IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Up Close With Samantha Wong

IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Up Close With Samantha Wong

This week, Club Monaco met with an up and coming prop stylist and founder of the lifestyle blog, Sam is Home – Samantha Wong. Her blog expresses her love of life by combining various lifestyle elements: food, fashion, travel, interior and architecture, a philosophy that is parallel with Club Monaco. Sam, also a food lover herself, shares her tips on mastering a flat lay photo. 

Club Monaco (CM) & Samantha Wong (SW)

CM:     A brief introduction of yourself
SW:     My name is Sam and I run a lifestyle blog called Sam is Home. I'm based in Hong Kong by way of Toronto and New York City hence why I chose a blog name based on my nomadic roots! 

CM:    What does a typical day look like to you?
SW:    Since I'm a freelancer my days are rather routine-less; I just got back from Japan on a press trip with the government of Tokyo to promote the city before the 2020 Olympics! I create social media content for various fashion and travel brands so there are days when we're out shooting and prop sourcing in preparation for shoots. Other days I'm just at home answering emails and preparing quotations. 

CM:    How has growing up in Hong Kong influenced your style?
SW:    The weather is definitely the one key factor to how I dress myself now. When I lived in Manhattan my wardrobe consisted of many layers and a lot of thrift and vintage pieces. But I'm a Canadian at heart and the humidity in Hong Kong forced me to rethink and strip down my wardrobe. Now I'm about relaxed silhouettes and tomboy details to combat both sweaty armpits and the indoor AC chill. 

CM:     What are some tips for taking flat lay photo?
SW:    - Have a good light source
- Having hands in a shot creates a sense of proportion and scale
- Consider your colour palette when deciding what to place in your photo to create a strong composition

CM:    Must-read book(s)?
SW:    I'm currently reading Creativity, Inc by Ed Catmull- one of the co-founders of Pixar Studios- which tackles the concept of creative culture and innovation in a corporate landscape.

CM:    Describe your perfect afternoon.
SW:    Honestly I don't have one! I like how every day is different and to me, that sense of the unknown is what adds richness and excitement to the freelance life. 

CM:     What are your favorite restaurants and coffee shops in Hong Kong? 
SW:     Mercato and Catch for a nice brunch with friends, Farm House and One Harbour Road for traditional Chinese cuisine, Elephant Grounds and Cupping Room for a casual coffee date. But I love a good Hong Kong style milk tea so ‘cha chaan tengs’ are a must.

 獨家專訪:與Samantha Wong對話

這個星期,Club Monaco 訪問了正在冒起的道具擺設造型師及時尚生活網誌 Sam is Home 博主 - Samantha Wong。Sam 在她的網誌中,用美食、時裝、旅遊、室內及建築設計來表達她對生活的熱愛。這些元素與 Club Monaco 的時尚生活態度不謀而合。除此之外,Sam 亦是一名美食愛好者,她會與我們分享一些拍攝專業平面照的技巧。

CM:    一個簡單的自我介紹
SW:   我的名字是 Sam,而生活網誌 Sam is Home 是我創立的。我現居於香港,之前於多倫多和紐約生活,網誌的名字亦因此而名。

CM:    你平常的一天生活是怎樣的?
SW:    作為一位自由工作者,我的生活沒有一個固定模式。我剛從日本回來,參與了由日本政府舉辦的一個媒體旅游活動,2020 奧運會將於東京舉行,日本政府希望能推廣東京市而舉辦了這個活動!我會為不同時裝及旅遊業品牌創作相關的社交媒體內容,所以有時會外出進行攝影工作和到處採購要使用的攝影道具擺設,而其餘時間我主要留在家中回覆電郵及準備報價單。

CM:    香港這個地方如何影響你的穿衣風格?
SW:    天氣無疑是影響我穿衣風格的一個關鍵因素。當我在曼哈頓生活的時候,我的衣櫥內多是有層次感和二手及復古的衣服。作為一個在加拿大長大的人,香港的潮濕天氣令我不得不重新思考穿衣風格及減去衣櫥裡不合適的衣服。因香港的夏天會比較炎熱,所以我的穿衣風格會是較鬆身和男性化,以解決常出汗及出入冷氣地方的問題。

CM:     拍攝平面照片時有什麼需要注意?
SW:     - 充足的光線
- 利用持機的技巧去創作及掌握比例和尺寸
- 設計相片構圖時,考慮你的色調配搭如何能凸顯圖片

CM:    哪幾本書是你必看的書籍?
SW:    這幾天我正在閱讀 Ed Catmull 的 Creativity, Inc。 Ed Catmull 是 Pixar Studios 其中一名創辦人,在這本書中,他以公司的角度去討論有關創意文化的培育及革新的概念。

CM:    描述你的完美下午。
SW:    坦白說,並沒有!我喜歡不一樣的每一天,將來的未知會使我的自由工作生活更豐富和增添刺激。

CM:     在香港哪幾間是你最喜歡的餐廳和咖啡店? 
SW:     我會與朋友到 Mercato 或 Catch  享用一個美味的早午餐; 若是傳統中菜的話,我喜歡農圃飯店和港灣壹號; 悠閒咖啡約會,我會選擇 Elephant Grounds 和 Cupping Room;但我亦喜愛港式奶茶,所以茶餐廳也是必選。

EXCLUSIVE RECIPE: Club Monaco Chocolate Tart

EXCLUSIVE RECIPE: Club Monaco Chocolate Tart

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