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Club Monaco was founded in 1985 in Toronto with the idea of creating a line of “better basics.” Through the ‘90s, the brand continued to grow, moved to New York City, and caught the attention of iconic American designer Ralph Lauren as a unique voice in the industry—so much so that he acquired Club Monaco in 1999.

Today, Club is an evolution of its heritage: a modern, urban-minded brand with an element of ease and a spark of entrepreneurship from its Canadian roots.

IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Up Close With Geneva Vanderzeil

IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Up Close With Geneva Vanderzeil

This week, Club Monaco had the opportunity to meet with the internationally renowned DIY and lifestyle blogger behind the widely popular website, A Pair & A Spare – Geneva Vanderzeil. Since she started blogging, she has built a global community based on her love of exploring and recreating the creative process – in fashion, food, travel, interiors, entertaining, beauty and business, a close reflection of Club Monaco’s lifestyle philosophy. As she splits her time between Australia and Hong Kong, Geneva tells Club Monaco about her lifestyle and how being based in Hong Kong has influenced her creative process. 

Club Monaco (CM) & Geneva Vanderzeil (GV)

CM:  A brief introduction of yourself
GV: My name is Geneva Vanderzeil and I run the website A Pair & A Spare which is all about inspiring creativity through travel, making and fashion.  I started my website in 2009 and since then it has grown into an amazing community of women who love to live life creatively. I have published a book based on my website and have also designed a shoe collection. It's been an amazing journey!

CM: What does a typical day look like to you?
GV: Every day is different, which is what I love the most. I might be travelling the world exploring and creating content for our partners, or I might be in the studio designing a tutorial about how to make a dress or your own birthday cake, or I'm styling a fashion shoot for our clients. Every day is so different but in general the focus is being creative in everything I do. 

CM:  How has being based in Hong Kong influenced your creativity?
GV: I love the mix of East and West and am constantly inspired by the city of Hong Kong with all its chaos and color. It's also amazing to be so well placed globally which means I can travel all over the world to get inspired and create interesting stories for our readers. 

CM: What is your go-to recipe?
GV: I love cooking breakfast, whether it be buckwheat pancakes with a drizzle of yoghurt or baked eggs. I love taking time out to indulge in the mornings!

CM:  Must-read book(s)? 
GV: I love reading books that inspire my next travel destination, so I always research authors who have written about where I am off to next. It's a great way to learn about the place you are about to go to in a deeper way. I just read a gorgeous book called ‘The Londoners’ which is a collection of true stories about people that live in London. I didn't want to put it down!

CM: Describe your perfect afternoon.
GV: I absolutely love hiking so my perfect afternoon would be hiking somewhere beautiful with my friends, and then topping that off with delicious wine and cheese. It's all about balance!

CM:  What are your favorite restaurants and coffee shops in Hong Kong? 
GV: My boyfriend is a restaurant designer and is the founder of Charlie & Rose, so we spend a lot of time eating out and experiencing new places. His designs for Limewood and Fish & Meat are two of my favorites (sorry totally biased!), and he's just about to open a new one called The Winery in Sai Ying Pun. It's going to be filled with plants and so based on my love of indoor greenery, I have tentatively claimed the made up title of 'Director of Plants’! ☺ I am also a big fan of the fig scones at Teakha...once you pop you can't stop.

獨家專訪:與Geneva Vanderzeil對話

這星期,Club Monaco 有機會與廣受歡迎的國際知名 DIY 及生活旅遊網誌 A Pair & A Spare 博主 Geneva Vanderzeil 會面。自 Geneva 透過博客與大家分享心得開始,她愛探索和重新創造的熱情聚集了來自世界各地的支持者,於網上建立了一個全球社區。她網誌的主題廣泛,包括時裝、 美食、 旅遊、室內設計、娛樂、 美容和商業等,與 Club Monaco 的時尚生活哲學頗為相似。經常於香港及澳洲兩地奔走的她將與我們分享她的生活態度,以及在香港生活如何影響她的創作過程。

Club Monaco (CM) 與 Geneva Vanderzeil (GV)

CM:    一個簡單的自我介紹
GV:    我的名字是 Geneva 而我的網站 A Pair & A Spare 全是關於透過旅行、 製作和時裝所激發的靈感創造力。我於 2009 年開始我的網站,自那時起,它已成長為一個熱愛創造生活女士們的驚人社區。我用我的網誌作為藍本出版了一本書,還設計了一個鞋履系列。這是一個精彩的旅程 !

CM:    你平常的一天生活是怎樣的?
GV:    我最喜愛就是每天都是獨特的。我可能在旅行探索世界和為我的合作夥伴構思創建內容、可能會在工作室裹設計關於如何製作一件衣服或個人化生日蛋糕的教學示範,或可能為我的客戶進行時裝造型拍攝。每一天都是截然不同,但焦點全都是我的創意。 

CM:    香港這個地方如何在影響你的創造力?
GV:    我喜愛東西方的混合和香港這個生活多采多姿的城市不斷給我靈感。它處於世界的好位置,方便我可以周遊世界獲取靈感,為我的讀者們創造很多有趣的故事

CM:    你的速食食譜是什麼?
GV:     我愛烹飪早餐,無論是灑上酪乳的蕎麥班戟或烘蛋。我喜愛抽出時間沉浸於每個早上 ! 

CM:    哪幾本書是你必看的書籍?
GV:    我愛看一些能給我啟發下個旅遊目的地的書籍,所以我通常會研究曾寫過我下一個旅遊地的作者,這是一個很好的方法﹐對將要去的地方有更深入了解。我剛看了一本精彩絕倫的書 “The Londoners”, 是寫述居住在倫敦的人們真實故事集。我不想把這書放下 !

CM:    描述你的完美下午。
GV:    我非常喜歡遠足郊遊,所以我的完美下午會是與朋友到一個美麗地方遠足郊遊,活動過後再品嚐美味的葡萄酒和乳酪作為完結,這就是平衡 !

CM:    在香港那幾間是你最喜歡的餐廳和咖啡店? 
GV:    我的男朋友是一個餐廳設計師也是 Charlie & Rose 的創辦人,所以我們會花大量的時間外出吃飯和體驗新的地方。他為 Limewood 和 Fish & Meat 設計,兩間都是我最喜歡的餐廳(抱歉我的偏心!),而他亦剛於西營盤開了一間餐廳 The Winery 。餐廳內滿是我喜愛的室內綠化植物,因此我暫時被稱為”植物總監” ! :) 我也是 Teakha 的粉絲, 它們的無花果烤餅,一吃你便愛上,不能停止。








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