Club Monaco, the international lifestyle brand, connects fashion and design with real life. Each experience — in store and online — is innovative and singular. Whether creating or carefully curating its individual experiences, Club Monaco focuses on authenticity.

Club Monaco flagships are centers for discovery; each store design is bespoke and reflects the art, architecture and culture of its neighborhood. The flagships engage the customer and share with them the brands, artisans, items and ideas that inspire Club Monaco.

Effortless, cool and thoughtful women’s and men’s collections live alongside vintage handbags and watches, hard-to-find home objects, rare books on art and design, local coffee and food - all pillars of the Club Monaco lifestyle.





At Club Monaco effortless, cool and thoughtful women’s and men’s collections live alongside a well-curated lifestyle, mix of home items, books, and flowers.  Three of our global flagships are home to Flowershops in London, Charleston and New York.  We’re inspired by floral designs often using them as inspiration in our fashion, patterns and around our stores.  Here are some of the flowers we're inspired by this fall:

The King Protea is a majestic stand out. They are a beautiful addition to any floral display as their large heads create an impression and add freshness to arrangements. The burgundy spikes mixed through with wildflowers or more traditional varieties create a sense of drama. Interesting foliage and color compliment these colossal blooms which can also be just as beautiful bunched on their own or placed as a single stem in a clear vase.

Not a flower per se, but succulents are another great way to brighten your apartment. These unique plants are low-maintenance, get by on minimal water, and come in interesting shapes, varied patterns, unusual colors and many even boast beautiful flowers! 

With beautifully large flower heads, hydrangeas display an old-fashioned charm that is hard to resist. Colors also entice with baby blues, vibrant pinks, frosty whites, luscious lavender—sometimes all blooming on the same plant! These elegant blooms are easy to nurture, tolerate almost any soil, and produce flowers in mid-summer through fall. They are great additions to any floral arrangement that need a dab of color! 


Club Monaco 致力將時尚嶄新的男女服飾,與家居擺設、書籍和鮮花等生活態度聯繫起來。三間分別位於紐約、倫敦和查爾斯頓的旗艦店均設有花店,鮮花的地位不言而喻。花藝賦予 Club Monaco 的靈感糅合在時裝、圖案和店內裝潢中,而以下的鮮花更是今個秋季其中幾位靈感女神:




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LOCALS ONLY: Coffee Shops

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OUR SELECTIONS: Coffee Table Books