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HER TOP PICKS: Antonia Li’s Christmas Wish List

HER TOP PICKS: Antonia Li’s Christmas Wish List

Antonia Li, the fashionable entrepreneur who co-founded INDICUBE, a dynamic creative agency based in Hong Kong, is getting ready to pick out her Christmas wardrobe.  With numerous festive events to attend before the year end, Antonia has selected the perfect ensemble to keep her warm without sacrificing style.  

  1. This velvet evening clutch is very chic and I appreciate its simplicity.
  2. A checkered shawl is the perfect accessory for layering and also works well as a stylish throw.  It keeps me warm during movie nights!  
  3. The ribbed bodycon dress.  I love this maroon colour because it goes very well with Asian skin tones.
  4. Rosewood Burgundy fur vest is a fashionable winter essential and perfect for winter parties.  
  5. A sparkly necklace adds a bit of edge for that rocker chic look.

 Product information

  1. Kayu Clutch – HK$1,890
  2. Tamaki Niime NYE Double Weave Shawl - HK$7,390
  3. Tebitha Dress – HK$2,290
  4. Violet Vest – HK$2,490
  5. Rada Knot Choker – HK$1,690

她的最愛:Antonia Li的聖誕願望清單

在香港創立了創意多變的設計公司 INDICUBE 的時尚企業家 Antonia Li ,正準備她的聖誕衣櫃。Antonia 已為眾多聖誕節前後的慶祝活動,挑選了能保暖而不失風格的完美造型。

  1. 天鵝絨晚裝小手提包很別致,我欣賞它的簡約。
  2. 格子披肩是一件完美的配飾,能形造出層次及時尚感。它讓我在電影之夜能保持溫暖
  3. 稜紋貼身連衣裙 我愛這個褐紅色,因為它很適合亞洲人的膚色。
  4. 酒紅色鳥毛背心是時尚冬季和參加派對不可或缺的。
  5. 一條閃爍的項鍊能凸顯這個時尚優雅的搖滾造型。
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